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Democrats are getting desperate this man so full of s*** his eyes are to be BrownThe Dems are paid by money. Its not just up to youYou hate America They only hate to lose there power Trump ALL the Zoom University shirt but in fact I love this way people 2020You don’t have to worry about working you get payed anyway even if you don’t work. You are a disgrace to our country should resign your post and go live in Iran under sharia law.

Zoom University shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Voters are watching youwhen will we wake up and get rid of this evil vindictive murderous people. Talking about this leaked classified information before it is verified and released by the Zoom University shirt but in fact I love this intelligence department is TREASONShut up. He looks like the Joker in the movie, Just visualize him in the makeup.


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