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Trump Is The Goat tank top and v-neck

When he was first elected in 2016, I had every intention of simply living my life and pretending that he didn’t exist. I was not allowed to do that. Almost all of the Trump Is The Goat shirt Trump supporters I know will never stop trying to rub or slap me in the face, and generally act like a football hooligans whose team won the trophy instead of those who just gave up. vote in an election. Once again, I shrugged. After all, it has been a major disappointment in the political history of the United States. A little unobtrusive bragging might have been warranted. But it did not stop.

Trump Is The Goat tank top

tank top

Trump Is The Goat v-neck


Trump Is The Goat sweater and hoodie

In fact, it has become more aggressive. Kind and sarcastic ribbing becomes insults and threats of nakedness. The Trump Is The Goat shirt men in MAGA hats continue to come to my workplace and chant, about Trump Trump! Trumpet! Trumpet! Trump is your president! Get over it! Our group was only allowed to throw them out and eighty-six when a person screamed. Receiving that monster, it was a breach of our vulgar code. Even then, we had to call the police to get that guy to leave.

Trump Is The Goat sweater


Trump Is The Goat hoodie


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