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The last time I was there, there were lots of animals we didn’t see, not sure if they were on the site anymore. I personally find the zoo super sad. I especially feel sorry for gorillas, elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, etc. so I am not really a person who wants to ask. talk about how she moved to UCLA from community college, and, Look at me now! She almost made me cry. She was worried that the kids on the tour might not get in and the result was depression.

Tiger Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho Christmas tank top and v-neck

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That’s when I think, all these kids who go to community college are really the smartest. My child’s dorm and food program at UC Berkeley is more than $ 20,000. We can afford it and we saved all the money for 4 years in our 529 account to fine. But a lot of people can. Venerable supporters of UCLA are UC Santa Barbara, especially the College of Creative Studies, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, Cal Poly two campuses and last but not least, San Jose State University and many other Cal states. The college you choose depends on your major, not your expected parents or friends. There are many people in the West such as Colorado State, University of Washington, University of Oregon. Crazy I know but I only see Univ.

Tiger Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho Christmas v-neck


Tiger Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho Christmas tank top

tank top

Washington is ranked in the top 10 universities globally. A lot of children study happily there. My friend, the boy who just graduated from Colorado and got a job at NASA. Think of it this way: you have no intention of going to school as your life goal. You were only at one university to get a college degree for 3 years6. Your goal is to practice while you are in school and then a job. This is a bill-paying job, allowing you to save a bit for the future and support yourself. And, what is your dream job? The problem now is that parents are expecting, especially the Tiger Tiger Mom and helicopter parents to pressure children into school, for example.

Tiger Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho Christmas sweater and hoodie

Tiger Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho Christmas hoodie


Tiger Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho Christmas sweater


If they go to Stanford or Brown, they say. It would be great. If you go to Stanford or Brown, then the child is under great stress for 10 worrying years. Then they can brag to their friends. Yes, it is easier to get job interviews if you list an elite school but if you have good grades and good internships, that is not a problem when you go to school. Work a few years and people only look at your work experience.

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