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To justify their colony. Business interests in the US need a coal station in East Asia to refuel their steamships because they want to enter the Chinese market. And rice and sugarcane growers in the Savages in the box shirt South of America fear a new competitor. To justify the merger of the Philippines, local people must be described as illiterate. And uneducated barbarians who need to be rescued by the evil Uncle Sam. And then educated. white man burden. No matter that the rebellious elite is highly educated, in the Philippines. And abroad in Europe.

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Don Tiet forgot that back then there was strong opposition in the Savages in the box shirt United States in search of colonies. The old method used by the European powers just marched. And took over a country by the power of the most powerful work, they needed a humanitarian justification. Later, more than one million Filipinos were killed during the US-Philippine War. And the Moro War was thoroughly concealed by propaganda. And the first case of systematic censorship of the US military in the Philippines, blocking news. News about what is really happening Out of the country. If the reader is of European descent.

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It is worth mentioning that many Europeans have insecure, almost pathological needs when describing other cultures as barbaric if you doubt this, please Ask any Asian, Middle Eastern or African person, or open any European or American newspaper before 1940. Therefore, it is very important to be measured and careful with that word. For example, Elena Poniatowska, a famous Mexican journalist and writer, is a Polish-Mexican, born and raised in France. She talked about the Savages in the box shirt sadness of having a grandmother who deliberately showed her negative photos of Mexico, including National Geographic photos that really depict African people instead of Mexicans I don’t do this.

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And made her and her brothers and sisters scared of the Savages in the box shirt stories of cannibalism there. This is a partial Mexican child. What the hell is this woman trying to do? Primitive, they are not, and the capital city itself is evidence. Tenochtitlán today Mexico City is second only to Beijing in size and population, even then, and it is a masterpiece of ancient technology when it was built on the lake. It is also much easier and much more organized thanks in part to being a grid-like square model, not common in Europe compared to any European city.

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