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So annoying and sad, I remember hearing Juice for the first time from his song Lucid Dreams. He is a Chicago and Illinois native wrapper so it hit me harder. The RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 shirt fact that I listened to him significantly, I didn’t listen to him and did not consider him a fastidious fan of him, but I’m still very sad because of that. In his lyrics to the song Legend, where he commemorates dead rappers like Lil Peep and XXXTentaci, he said, What is Club 27? We will not pass 21 years old Sadly it is true.

RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 tank top and v-neck

Before that, on the 27th the club was an era musician like Curt Cobain and Jeremy Ward. But we have to die rappers, not at 21 and even before. Juice Wrld was 21 years old less than 5 days ago and now he’s gone. RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 shirt died when he was 20. Lil peep also died as soon as 21 years old. This is sad, I’ll come back and revise this answer, but for the time being, break up. Long live juice. Anyway, we still don’t have the exact details of his death, but I think Juice Wrld took too much medicine when he was very much silent during his 21st birthday week.

RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 tank top

tank top

RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 v-neck


I remember the past months. Particularly noticeable in his music videos for Bandit, in which he doesn’t wear a shirt and his belly looks like a Gucci belly. From the RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 shirt beginning, I was very interested in Juice Wrld and how he would live. In the lyrics, he refers to the pain and feelings of a girl as well as drug abuse in the lyrics. “Put percs down and pick up jiggers, jiggers, jiggers” (Bandit ”). If you don’t know what jiggers are, they are slang for ecstasy. A lyric Juice would say, “Lean to me, pop to me, get taller with me if you kick me, smoke to me, drink with me, fucked up the liver with some bad kidneys” (Lean Wit Me).

RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 sweater and hoodie

RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 sweater


RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 hoodie


Smoking until my eyes hurt like an old man’s pocket (Wazed ft. Lil Uzi) “I’m in my black Benz, making cocaine with my black friends, we’ll be as high as hell before the RIP Juice Wrld 1998 2019 shirt night ends, yeah, before the night ends, before the night ends. Switch to white ben, do codeine with my white friends (Black and White) Juice then went on to say, “God be merciful, I know that the finna species hurt me, sometimes I feel like they’re doing surgery.” (Black and White) “Medication with Hennessy I can throw up, I can throww up” (Black and white) See in case you guys don’t know, while I’m not a huge hardcore Juice fan.

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