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Peace Love Flamingos tank top and ladies tee

Because I’ve read flamingos that get their pink from the Peace Love Flamingos shirt plankton they eat, I think black comes from something in their diet that provides black pigmentation. . Sam, my cat, is the best show in town. He is zooming around the house, climbing on his cat tree and generally behaving like a little devil. He decided to check the shower, and decided it was not a place for cats, however, he liked watching the toilet flush. A friend sent him a catnip flamingo recently.

Peace Love Flamingos Ladies tee

Ladies tee

Peace Love Flamingos tank top

tank top

Peace Love Flamingos sweater and hoodie

It has a large, pink, stuffed bird. He likes that. He carried it around like a teddy bear, when he was trying to kill it. He followed me down to the Peace Love Flamingos shirt laundry room, carrying flamingos, because he couldn’t leave it upstairs. Of course, he was fascinated by real birds, and jumped on the windowsill to see them, often falling off the window sill on his kitten and trying to look as solemn as him.

Peace Love Flamingos hoodie


Peace Love Flamingos sweater


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