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Papillon breeders are retired Papillon Tattoo I love mom shirt and handled here. Dogs follow a surprisingly consistent protocol. Assuming both are well socialized, they first make temporary eye contact indirectly from the left eye to the left eye. Next there will be some wagging tails expected to be followed by circling and performing sniffing each other. This is followed by both dogs facing the same direction or even an invitation to play.

Papillon Tattoo I love mom tank top, v-neck

Papillon Tattoo I love mom tank top

tank top

Papillon Tattoo I love mom v-neck


If at any time during the Papillon Tattoo I love mom shirt protocol is broken, one or the other dogs may leave, or in less common cases, a nasty dog ​​fight will break out. Longevity of dogs is longer than other breeds. Papillon lives on average from 12 to 15 years old, with some exceptionally healthy dogs longer. As recently as four months ago. A stray dog, mixed pit bull, somehow got into my fenced and controlled backyard, and when we left our little dog, a small papillon mix went out to rest. Resting in the bathroom, the stray dog ​​grabbed his neck.

Papillon Tattoo I love mom sweater, hoodie

Papillon Tattoo I love mom hoodie


Papillon Tattoo I love mom sweater


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