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You can’t tell me they didn’t know one plane was in front of the Oan One America News Network T-shirt but in fact I love this other. They have the whole sky and it looks like there are no clouds God Bless them all. I didn’t read all the comments but didn’t they have instruments or an air traffic controller to advise about air traffic.

Oan One America News Network T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

If it had a remote censor that no one knew about, then maybe it was on purpose, done by another country. The pilot & sometimes passengers, have to be always be on the Oan One America News Network T-shirt but in fact I love this look out for other planes, front, back, below and above; especially in an area popular for flying. I flew in a small Cessna for a couple of years every week and even through four different states.


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