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This is exactly one of my dreams/fantasies. First of all, I wanted nothing more than to be born around the Naruto Friends movie shirt same time Naruto and Sasuke were born. Maybe a little ahead of them. Depending on the age of a given person. Okay, of course I want to be born male or transported like a male. And I’d love to be born or transported like the Seven-tailed Jinchuriki.

Naruto Friends movie tank top and v-neck

We all know there are several ways to fly in the Naruto Friends movie shirt Naruto series. Those of them are the second Jutsu I want to be Jutsu Shadow Clone. I want to use it almost with Naruto, how much i can create i don’t need to create thousands as Naruto can. I cooled with 100 or more. My main reason for this is because I want to complete many tasks at the same time and with this Jutsu, I can read and learn many different Jutsu at the same time. Something Orochimaru should’ve looked at lmao would also be useful for training. Both are incredible creatures. They are symbols of immense wisdom. As for physical ability, they can fly completely silent. Literally no noise at all. Perfect for a Shinobi like myself, who will perform long-term missions like Sasuke. So they are perfect for hacking, sending and receiving messages information.

Naruto Friends movie tank top

tank top

Naruto Friends movie v-neck


And not mentioning these are nocturnal creatures so they can be seen very well at night, which would be very helpful. Useful for me if I fight at night. And of course because this is Naruto’s world, there will be a giant owl that I can ride like Sasukes Hawk and he will be extremely powerful with the Naruto Friends movie shirt great talents that I can use to pick up enemies. and drop them from great heights or even stab them with. And as I said, it’s the Naruto world, so hoping for an owl sage I can learn the owl sage mode from there. According to my experience of Naruto world. I can spend all day becoming a rogue ninja or a dark kage like Sasuke searching for threats and traveling around the world in search of answers and participating in many dangerous and interesting battles.

Naruto Friends movie sweater and hoodie

Naruto Friends movie sweater


Naruto Friends movie hoodie


I certainly made allies with Naruto and Sasuke because I didn’t want them to be my enemies and I helped Naruto fight Akatsuki and help fight in the Naruto Friends movie shirt fight. I didn’t dare let Pain pull out his tailed beast. Because I am dead! And if I could go around. I would choose to born or transported after the war. When the Seven tails were in their natural habitat without the Jinchuriki just waiting to be sealed within me.

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