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Actually both temos de and temos que are fine and they mean the My inner demon Temo shirt same thing. They are like synonyms and you can use this or that. So in sentences like, We have to do your homework, you can say: Thank you very much, Mr. Pillado. That is quite literal, but it seems natural in Spanish, and it also covers the different meanings of the original sentence in English. If it is used for Spanish of Mexico / California, Argentina, Perú, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Chile, Cuba / Miami, Dominican Republic you may know

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If you want to use something less colloquial, and more common in every Spanish-speaking country, then you can use a participant, or Thay’s companion, instead of the pillar. . But, in this case, it will only include the My inner demon Temo shirt first meaning of the verse. That is: Can you say that I am afraid I understand that (less colloquial and refers only to understanding, not to catch a balloon)

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