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The Corgi is the My dog Corgi Gauntlet shirt cutest in the world. They come from Wales, England. Corgi leads the list of the most popular breeds in the world. The Corgi has been around for a long time. It is estimated that they began to appear around 3000 years ago in Wales, England. There are quite a few hypotheses about the ancestors of the Corgi breed. But most likely, they are probably derived from the Vallhunds (a breed of Swedish dwarfs).

My dog Corgi Gauntlet tank top and v-neck

Corgi for thousands of years has been used for the My dog Corgi Gauntlet shirt main purpose of cattle dogs and hunting dogs. The advantage of this breed is its short legs, its long but extremely agile. That makes it easy for them to avoid the kicks of some large cattle. At the same time, the barking of the extremely powerful Corgi, which could frighten the cattle, terrified them.

My dog Corgi Gauntlet Tank top

Tank top

My dog Corgi Gauntlet v-neck


Since the My dog Corgi Gauntlet shirt 16th century – when Europe and England flourished, Corgi dogs are no longer used to raise livestock, but instead, are raised as pets in households. They gradually became popular in Europe. Favorite by the royal families is during the time of Queen Elizabeth II. The purebred Corgi is characterized by a long body and short legs. Unlike other breeds, the shorter the Corgi leg, the longer the body is.

My dog Corgi Gauntlet sweater and hoodie

My dog Corgi Gauntlet sweater


My dog Corgi Gauntlet Hoodie


Accordingly, the My dog Corgi Gauntlet shirt uncle whose chest is close to the ground will be very high. And even though the body is somewhat fictitious and unbalanced, those Corgi are always eagerly hunted. Short-legged Corgi dog has triangle-shaped ears, erect. The ears and face have proportional proportions. The corgi snout is quite long and sharp, the eyes are large, the mouth and jaw are small but extremely sharp. On the whole, their faces looked quite like foxes, so many places called this breed were Foxy Dog.

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