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If you’re asking whether truck drivers to take the Love My Trucker shirt wrong small shipment from a delivery person, I would say it’s a rare thing. Both shippers and truck driver has to make serious mistakes. However, if you ask whether a truck driver went into the shippers’ yard and hooked into the wrong rickshaw and thus the truckload, that often happens in my experience. 2 or 3 times a year the refrigerated load from Denver goes west instead of east.

Love My Trucker tank top and v-neck

This created a growl that quickly spread to the Love My Trucker shirt entire 300 truck company. Mike Heaton If you’re new to driving, I recommend having a satellite radio. Lots of music and other things to listen to while driving. If you’re committed to driving as a career, save on the fuel rewards you receive and invest in audiobooks. There are some good people out there. Also, consider getting a laptop to use during downtime. People who help me stay awake while I’m on the road. Remember that driving today is much different than when I started 20 years ago. Most of us had previously given way to WEEKS at a time. Now, you won’t find anyone willing to go out for more than 2 weeks before you want to spend time at home. Once, if a truck driver broke down on the side of the road.

Love My Trucker tank top

tank top

Love My Trucker v-neck


It won’t be long after you saw two or three other semi-finals behind him one would have some stuff. Others may have some spare Love My Trucker shirt, and another person might even share some coffee from his thermos. These days, OTOH, you’re pretty much alone. You can also rely on locking CBs and finding another driver, who may be running at least partially with you, to shoot some BS and keep you awake during the midnight runs. Today, you are lucky if you find even a truck next to your car, who even has a radio. Even more fortunate if the hand on the other end is not a fool. Drivers were also good at helping at the parking lot or the pier.

Love My Trucker sweater and hoodie

Love My Trucker sweater


Love My Trucker hoodie


If you see another hand having trouble getting back into a Love My Trucker shirt, you’ll jump out and offer help (or even some advice if that guy is new. Today people just break their cell phones and record your bad day for YouTube. Truck drivers often have a bit of pride in themselves: neat clothes, at least grooming, and semi-regular hygiene, things like that. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to smell some drivers from all over; or see them wearing dyed wife clothes with flip-flops and greasy hair.

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