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Miguel Sanó was born in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, in a poor Haitian family and Catio. He chose to play baseball with the Let it Sano Miguel Sano shirt name Sanó, the name of his mother’s family, instead of his father, it was Jean, for respecting the Dominican Republic. He was discovered from a young age and worked with scouts to develop his talents.

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In early 2009, the Let it Sano Miguel Sano shirt Major League baseball team conducted a survey of age, a prerequisite for all players signed in Latin America, confirming Sanó’s identity, but could not verify the exact age of he. Sanó claimed to be 16 years old, but there were rumors in the Dominican Republic that he was older. Twins’ chief executive, Bill Smith, said: “Sanó’s age. And identity may have been more carefully scrutinized than any player in the history of the Dominican Republic”. And related issues and difficulties have causing Sanó to lower his request from $ 5 million. The bonus he was looking for when the international signing time first opened.

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Pirates of Pittsburgh were the Let it Sano Miguel Sano shirt first team to provide Sanó with a deal. And seemed to be his most ardent suitor, but negotiations were deadlocked after Agent Rob Plummer rejected offer 2, $ 6 million from the team. And Latin American Scout Director, Rene Gayo. Sanó chose to sign Twins through many other teams. Besides Pirates, Cleveland Indians also expressed interest in Sanó. And even took him to their academy in the Dominican Republic to attend the training session. The Baltimore Orioles company has been pursuing Sanó for a short time but believes his value is less than $ 3 million.

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Other interested teams include the Let it Sano Miguel Sano shirt New York Yankees. And the Boston Red Sox. On September 29, 2009, Sanó said he would sign a Major League baseball contract with Minnesota twins, including a $ 3.15 million reward. The reward is the largest for a Latin American player from outside Cuba in 2009. And the second-highest award ever for a Dominican amateur, just behind 4.25 million dollars of campaigning. Oakland Michael Ynoa athlete in 2008.

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