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Although there may be countless small filters these Hanging With Pink Gnomies shirt filters can be rolled into twelve main sequential filters Steps 1 to 12 listed below. First of all, there is no evidence of intelligent life outside of us, it seems that the process begins with a star system. And ends with “advanced explosive life” interstellar travel. And space belonging to geography must be very unlikely, if not impossible. This implies that at least one step in the Large Filter process must be extremely impossible.

Hanging With Pink Gnomies tank top and v-neck

Completing the following twelve steps in a MIGHT “evolutionary path” leads to an observable cosmic invasion, but we have no evidence that this has happened. Now, remember that the Hanging With Pink Gnomies shirt first step of the Big Filter may require a very stable sun-like start to initiate the process. In fact, only about 5% of all stars in the Milky Way are G-type G2 (G2V) stars that are stable, like the sun. Most of the remaining 95% is Red dwarf and/or extremely unstable, with very variable output power. Unlike our sun, these features are detrimental to the long-term, stable development of life in a habitable zone of stars.

Hanging With Pink Gnomies tank top

tank top

Hanging With Pink Gnomies v-neck


A more important consideration is that our sun is a relatively young star; most stars are older than us So if any intelligent life develops in a solar system with a stable star, they should have grown to our level or surpassed hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago from us. In addition to the Hanging With Pink Gnomies shirt above. We have to look at the Rare Earth Hypothesis to explain why, among a large number of exoplanets calculated by astronomers (more than 4,000 so far but no one has been able to observe it. are optical), nobody is identified anywhere near to this Like the earth. Let’s also be honest with ourselves. And realize that the complex, spontaneous, self-regenerating generation from non-life is illogical on its face. But even if it’s logical logic.

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Hanging With Pink Gnomies hoodie


Hanging With Pink Gnomies sweater


The extremely long development of a simple life (prokaryotic) simply takes countless steps. That Hanging With Pink Gnomies shirt can’t happen, along with even bigger, longer. And harder steps. can develop into complex, multi-cellular life forms. Geologists believe the evidence of unicellular, biological life has found in 4.1 billion-year-old rocks in Western Australia. But paleontologists believe multicellular life has emerged. now just over 3 billion years ago. If true, it would take about a billion years just to make that massive transition.

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