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#FlattenTheCurve #DontBeAVector #WashYoDamnHands Covid-19 Survival Tank top and ladies tee

I will not cover the #FlattenTheCurve #DontBeAVector #WashYoDamnHands Covid-19 Survival shirt same missions that you have been bombarded on television. Seriously, we have memorized them now. Wash hands, cover mouth, blah blah blah. What I personally find in my city is that people are careless about quarantining themselves, staying at a script house, and wearing masks. Guys, your world won’t end if you stay home for 2 weeks. Please understand that we must get out of the accepted attitude. Better safe than sorry. If the majority of the population stays home during the 3rd and 4th weeks of the chain spreading, India will join the ranks of South Korea. On the other hand, we all know what our elderly status becomes. So keep safe, isolated.

#FlattenTheCurve #DontBeAVector #WashYoDamnHands Covid-19 Survival tank top

tank top

#FlattenTheCurve #DontBeAVector #WashYoDamnHands Covid-19 Survival ladies tee

ladies tee

#FlattenTheCurve #DontBeAVector #WashYoDamnHands Covid-19 Survival sweater and hoodie

From the very beginning, nature has been distorted from recognizable patterns, ultimately, by people who have sinned. And the #FlattenTheCurve #DontBeAVector #WashYoDamnHands Covid-19 Survival shirt result is punishment. For many years, a man with venereal disease would evaporate overnight if all of us had sex in a marriage. Then they actually lose control over unnatural sex that leads to things like AIDS. We don’t know exactly where the system is broken in this case, but it can always be traced back to sin from the beginning. If your pastor means God went directly to COVID-19 to punish people, you can tell him that is not the way things work. We are responsible for our own mistakes, perhaps not individually, even in this generation, but ultimately all sin comes from sin.

#FlattenTheCurve #DontBeAVector #WashYoDamnHands Covid-19 Survival hoodie


#FlattenTheCurve #DontBeAVector #WashYoDamnHands Covid-19 Survival sweater


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