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An interesting question because the Fishing Samurai shirt social structure in Japan is different. You see, focusing only on the samurai for a moment, samurai is a term that describes a diverse group of people from the meek ones who are not equivalent to a knight but lower. Then you have a samurai, who will be the equivalent of a knight. And you have a samurai who is also daimyo, or an administrator. Some samurai are also ninjas that I told in Jacob Dorey’s answer to Ninjas considered good people?

Fishing Samurai tank top and v-neck

Indeed, not all samurai are good warriors. The Fishing Samurai shirt term is just a title. A better comparison is a man in the hand with an average samurai because a man in hand is well armored. And trained. Although the average samurai has wielded a bit more power, this is not even perfect. It also changes from time to time so I will focus on Sengoku Jidai because this is the time I know best. Please define the term ashigaru. Ashigaru simply means the light of the foot but it is a slightly misleading term if you make a translation at face value. They are so-called because when introduced in Japan in the 14th century, they hardly wore anything for armor capable of Just clothes. And straw hats but that was about it.

Fishing Samurai tank-top


Fishing Samurai v-neck


However, by Sengoku Jidai, armor became much more popular in the Fishing Samurai shirt form of mass-produced iron or steel armor. Shigeru comes from a line of farmers and farmers. So will the European equivalent be a standard European soldier? Well, like the samurai term, ashigaru is an umbrella term. And it doesn’t work like that. Notice what I said about them coming from farmers and farmers. This is an important difference because the wealthy peasants in Japan are second to the samurai. They are on par with the rich European merchants in Europe. Some wealthy ashigaru can also serve as mercenaries as men in hand. And they can even wear samurai clothes. Ashigaru’s weapons are just like the samurai contrary to popular belief. Samurai exclusive weapons are actually spears optimized for horseback or lance.

Fishing Samurai sweater and hoodie

Fishing Samurai hoodie


Fishing Samurai sweater


Therefore, some ashigaru will also equate to men in weapons and professional mercenaries. Others will look like an English yeoman. Becoming an oligarch itself takes you to a level between farmer and samurai and farmer and farmer who has risen above the Fishing Samurai shirt average person on the social ladder. The Ashigaru in the middle of Sengoku Jidai becomes a professional fighting force like the soldiers, and musketeers in Europe that I have illustrated above.

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