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It depends on whether we talk about movies or comics. In the Fat Thor Bring me more beer shirt movies, he has two. Mjolnir and Stormbringer. In comics, it’s a bit complicated. Stormbringer is actually based on two different hammers from comics: Stormbreaker and Ultimate Mjolnir. The former was used by aliens who looked like Beta Beta Bill Bill.

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a, who proved worthy of lifting Mjolnir. So Odin turned him into Fat Thor Bring me more beer shirt his own hammer. The second is the hammer of the universe instead of Thor Ultimate Ultimate universe. That is, survived the destruction of that universe and was injured in the Marvel Universe earth 616. In addition to these hammers, there is a Stormcaster created by Loki and briefly used by Storm of the X-Men, Thunderstrike used by Thor’s former Mast Masterson, Creaser used by Red Norvell a dozen others have appeared at one point or another.

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Technically, none of this is actually used by the Fat Thor Bring me more beer shirt 616 universes of Thor Odinson, except for the original Mjolnir. Recently, Jane Foster replaced Thor and had to sacrifice Mjolnir, leaving only one stone left. Currently, Thor Odinson has a replacement hammer, while he waits for the dwarves to gather enough Uru metal to build a new Mjolnir.

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They showed us in Thor: Ragnarok. Even in Thor’s Fat Thor Bring me more beer shirt prime minister, he cannot defeat Hela; The main reason is that the second is too strong for Asgard because Hela takes her power from the realm of Asgard. Thor must resort to releasing Ragnarok on Asgard just to defeat her. Recall that Ragnarok was the event Thor sought to avoid for Asgard at all costs. The fact that Thor used it only to eliminate his sister showed how strong the latter was.

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