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Dachshund I love Mom tank top and v-neck

My wife left with another woman, she brought Dachshund I love Mom shirt dachshund with her. I started to drink a lot and lost my job, unable to keep my house and car payments. So lost those too End your life in an empty water tank in an unused cement building Then one day someone bought boiled eggs for me It changed my life, I met a much younger woman, the heir of a mining fortune. We are married and currently live on a yacht in Monaco with a dachshund named Norman Life is good and all just because of hard-boiled eggs on toast. This is my cat, he is the best. We adopted him 8 years ago. We have been thinking about having a cat since our last one died, but we have no plans yet.

Dachshund I love Mom v-neck


Dachshund I love Mom tank top

tank top

Dachshund I love Mom sweater and hoodie

I was talking to my friend and she told me that our vet who just raised this cute cat needs a home. His first owner was deployed, his second owner had a large dog that kept chasing the Dachshund I love Mom shirt cat, so the cat lived in hiding. I went down to see him. He was shy. Hid under the vet table. The vet said that I could take him home to see if he was suitable. I had a small dachshund at home and she was great with our last cat, but I’m not sure if the cat is happy. I also had 2 small children. So I left the vet office with a new friend. He was shy for the first few days. Just out to eat. We gave him time, so he got used to the change.

Dachshund I love Mom hoodie


Dachshund I love Mom sweater


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