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Well, a CNA certified nurses assistant isn’t a license. It’s a certificate. Only LVNs and RNs are licensed. It’s a matter of what level of nursing education you have. CNA and MA medical assistant are basically the CNA Nurse American flag shirt first steps in education to becoming a fully licensed nurse. However, you don’t need to become a CNA or MA to go to school for an LVN or RN. Anyway, that being said, I wouldn’t be so concerned about what certification she holds. My question would do she hold a job that pays regularly?

CNA Nurse American flag tank top and v-neck

You need to weigh out is the CNA Nurse American flag shirt amount of money a figure you’re comfortable loaning? Do you trust her? How long have you known her? Why does she need this loan? Can she not get a credit card? If not then I would question her ability to save money and spend wisely. It really isn’t a good idea to loan friend money in any circumstance. I’d rather go into it saying I’m just giving you the money and not expect payback bc if she doesn’t pay back the loan then it will certainly cause a rift, most likely big enough to ruin your friendship. I loaned a “friend”. I had known her for at least 10 years.

CNA Nurse American flag tank top

tank top

CNA Nurse American flag v-neck


She was a really good friend I thought I trusted her about. Well, she never repaid a dime. She never intended to repay me. When I asked for my money back she said I don’t need it as much as she does, that I have a good job but she only has a low paying job which makes no sense to me bc I earned the CNA Nurse American flag shirt money and she didn’t. It belonged to me. It has nothing to do with how much money we each make. Meanwhile, she was ordering stuff left and right on eBay. I was livid! I probably shouldn’t have to tell you we are no longer friends! Also, I want to point out the meaning of collateral. It is something TANGIBLE that you can use in place of the loan. For example, I could use my title to my car as collateral. If I didn’t repay the loan, the bank or whoever can take my car. It’s a great motivator to repay! Her being certified as a nursing assistant doesn’t give you anything to use if she doesn’t pay you back. She really needs to give you something that she owns that is equal in value of what you’re loaning her.

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CNA Nurse American flag sweater


CNA Nurse American flag hoodie


And keep in mind things lose value over time so if she wants to put up a tv she bought 5 years ago as collateral and she says she paid $500 for it, it no longer is worth. You’d need to find out its value if you sold it on Craigslist bc that’ll be all you get in return if she disappears without paying. Or have her give you something she values immensely, grandmothers broach or something. Even if it’s not worth the CNA Nurse American flag shirt amount of the loan you know she cherishes it enough to want it back.

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  1. Thang Nguyen

    Buy to get 20% off

  2. Elizabeth

    It’s comfortable and fits well

  3. son

    I normally wear a medium, sometimes large, and got medium and it fit as expected. The stitching is that great.

  4. amanda

    What size should i buy? 180lbs and 5’6

  5. Barbara

    The collar lays flat which looks good

  6. kim

    The price is definitely right for what you get.

  7. sonya

    it fits as it should, I generally wear a large and ordered the same and it fits comfortably.

  8. russell

    It fits a bit loosely.

  9. Dennis

    that it’s a good shirt and fairly priced for what it was.

  10. Wilmer

    Well, I bought again. still good

  11. sandra

    Is this shirt all cotton?

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