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As the Big Hero 6 Friends shirt father of a six-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy, seeing this makes me want to throw all the Disney and DC comic books and comic books we have accumulated over the years. My kids want to see it again, I want to see it again, and I want to see it with my kids again. After watching the movie, I went and bought a bunch of Big Hero 6 books. Two minutes later the movie had a protagonist defeat a scary bully in a bot contest by being smarter albeit much smaller.

Big Hero 6 Friends tank top and v-neck

Five minutes later the Big Hero 6 Friends shirt film had a five-minute tour of a technology lab simple enough for kids to understand, but it was clear “these are what scientists do, and they are the best on Earth “and was made semi-protagonist and by expanding, the audience. Right now, my six-year-old child is leaning over and telling me that she wants to be like the female mechanical engineer Go-Go, who has the most outstanding personality in the group and is the best device. Go Go is basically Wolverine of this group. All speed and aggression and leadership. The film eventually deviated from plugging scientists and scientists openly and steadily into a more traditional action-oriented animated film, but it alluded to the theme of being transcendent and plugging in. The theme is also quite neat. I really don’t like giving my three-year-old boy access to Marvel and DC stuff.

Big Hero 6 Friends tank top

tank top

Big Hero 6 Friends v-neck


I mean, I like to watch all those movies, but the Big Hero 6 Friends shirt effect that makes him exposed to it doesn’t watch it, but only receives toys and books with those characters and themes, the language and His attitude become aggressive and protective, like the characters in the books. I do not see these things as healthy. His reaction to BH6 is that he wants to make furniture and the superhero is a pacifist with the main directive being to heal wounds for everyone. Similarly, I think it’s great that Disney is up to date with princess movies. I couldn’t even let my children see Snow White.

Big Hero 6 Friends sweater and hoodie

Big Hero 6 Friends sweater


Big Hero 6 Friends hoodie


Cinderella, as much as a masterpiece, is just as bad. I don’t want to contact my daughter with any semantics about “eventually having a prince, you just have to wait for that”. And the Big Hero 6 Friends shirt latest princess movie has empowered the princesses and made them less or not at all dependent on the princes. But seeing BH6 makes me want to get rid of Tangled, Brave, and Frozen. They are still movies where female characters wear skirts and carry princess traps.

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4 reviews for Big Hero 6 Friends shirt

  1. Thang Nguyen

    Buy to get 20% off

  2. Robert

    Great product!

  3. Dawn

    Does this shirt collect lots of dust?

  4. robert

    very pleased with this shirt

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