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You can explain to your husband that it is Beach Wander Woman Jeep shirt necessary that you have your wishes in the delivery room for medical reasons. In order for a woman to be successful in labor, she needs to produce oxytocin. In the absence of oxytocin, labor is delayed or delayed. This results in longer labor, artificial oxytocic drugs that cause much more severe labor and increase the risk of intervention/injury for mother and baby.

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Oxytocin is the big thing we are aiming for during labor and as a Beach Wander Woman Jeep shirt reproductive specialist, our mission is to do all we can to help the mother labor in an oxytocin-rich environment. To produce oxytocin, women need to feel safe and loved. It goes into full flow when she achieves neoclassical inhibition, which is an area where she can feel completely cut off from the world. Many people in the room call this ‘her area. She can only achieve this when she feels controlled and safe.

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If there are any factors that prevent her from entering this area – to Beach Wander Woman Jeep shirt many people in the room, loud noise, bright lights, etc., labor may be affected. For most women, the ideal combination is a sympathetic midwife and her trusted partner. All women are different but this is the most common combination. This is why Mamma cats get themselves into the dark closet to give birth or the tribal woman wanders into the forest to give birth to a child with a reliable female partner.

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At this point, it is whatever works for you. To Beach Wander Woman Jeep shirt force a woman to have more audiences in the room will definitely take her out of her area. It is not fair to her and unfair to the baby. Long TB is a baby’s injury as well as a mother’s. I recommend you make a birth plan that lists all the things that will help you achieve your area. Your favorite music, low light, aromatherapy, your loving husband. Many fertility experts have said that the atomic space you are born must be the same as the atmosphere you were born with.

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