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Money should be going where its most needed at thi2020 Weed #Quarantined T-shirt and by the same token and s time of a major health crisis. The last time I checked, we fought for independence from British rule about 235 years ago and we owe them no debt towards their royalty. When she married harry she had to surrender her passport and give up her us citizenship.

2020 Weed #Quarantined T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

AND I don’t think we should pay for any former POTUS, their wife or children when they travel abroad. I didn’t read anything in the 2020 Weed #Quarantined T-shirt and by the same token and article where they even asked for their security to be paid by the government. Megan said she would not move back to the US, as long as Trump was the President.


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