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Hungry’s trademark makeup looks often deliver “an insect vibe,” which started with praying mantis comparisons and ultimately embraced the 2020 Impeach manfred make baseball great again shirt also I will do this concept of arthropod evolutionary stages, colorization, and visual details. Growing up in a Catholic Bavarian household with three siblings and four TV channels facilitated a desire to build uniquely personal fantasy worlds. “I knew I had a creative streak, but I wasn’t too sure how to utilize it yet, so I did a lot of drawing and writing,” Hungry remembers. “Looking back now–bless my little gay heart–they were rather poor attempts. It never felt like I had found the right outlet, but it helped me learn the techniques.”

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After a move to Berlin, more personal inspirations started infiltrating Hungry’s creative works. Tarsem Singh’s film The Fall “carries the 2020 Impeach manfred make baseball great again shirt also I will do this emotion and visual dramatics I want many of my creations to emit,” while the sounds of “Baby Shark” and the Duck Tales theme song are second only to Tchaikovsky, and the “hideously nihilistic fashions of early 2000s celebrities” provide “truly brilliant” wardrobe references. For performance pieces, Hungry takes on all of the elaborate rhinestone work seen on her glittering ensembles “since I am awfully specific about how things are supposed to be done,” though collaborations with industry visionaries are well-considered. The “organic” mouthpiece in today’s “local bug lady” look has been sculpted and hand-painted by Lokidolor, a French artist. In Hungry’s own cosmetic handwork, symmetry and technical fidelity have become “a very immediate way of expressing perfection” that allows people to question and expand their understanding of beauty beyond the familiar.

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