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Good. luck and remember, the. the first step is to get a good job. If you’re not qualified for a well-paying job, I suggest you get whatever training you need to get one. If you try to just get a couple of dogs and start breeding, that would make you a “backyard breeder” and you will be breeding poor quality dogs, because no reputable i.e. conservation breeder will sell you breeding stock and if you try to buy a pet from one, you will not get the registration papers until you provide proof of spay or neuter. I adopted my last dog when she was 8 1/2. She had just outlived her previous old human the same year I survived my 12 y/o greyhounds. We replaced each other’s, prior old ladies. The only drawback to senior pets is that they don’t last as long as the youngsters. Not necessarily a bad thing if you are getting up there yourself.

Some things are none of people’s business and I’m not sure if I would have responded to them at all but if I did I would be asking “why?”. There are a lot of people that can creep you out by what they say, you might want to try to learn to ignore them or just not care and walk away. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that most of what people say is not personal even though we might take it that way. You had your dog with you and most are protective in some way of their owners. Carry a personal alarm with you if you fear these people, they are very loud. Give her the best kibble available, some meat, some veg, little oats, some eggs once and while, some pumpkin, some whey, BUT LESS OF EVERYTHING, and she will lose weight, it’s as simple as that. I’ve been keeping dogs since 1982 and that’s been a true constant all these years. GIVE LESS FOOD.

They have four paws. The back ones are very different than the front. They are referred to as the hind legs because they lead up to the dog’s hips. The two paws in front are just front paws. They aren’t hands but they do use them in a hand-like fashion. Dogs can be trained to walk or dance standing up. The natural way to walk is on all four paws. I can only describe our scenario. My husband works from home. He gets up at 7 am and lets our dog out for a quick peek in the yard. Then the dog comes back in, instantly and eats breakfast of kibble while the husband washes their water dish with soap and water and fills it with fresh clean water, makes his own breakfast and coffee after washing and dressing. By that time the dogs are ready for their 30 min walk at 7:45. They are back by 8:15 he makes coffee and works from 8:30 until noon. Dogs get another chance to pee if they need to. My hubby has his lunch and is back to work by 1 pm. From 1 pm -5 pm working. Then stops to help me with dinner and feed the dogs and he washes and refills the dogs’ water dish for a second time that day. Let them out for a quick pee and then after dinner at about 7 pm, we all go for another 30 min walk with the dogs. When we return the dogs get a small treat while we have an evening tea. Heading to bed by 10:30 pm letting the dogs out for another 5th time of the day for a last pee for the night. The dogs sleep in our bedroom on their own beds.

A dog doesn’t think that way! If he has been abandoned & his tail is up when approaching you, he wants your friendship! A flat tail & running towards you is not a good thing! If I understand correctly you had a cat & brought a dog into the family yes?… Well here’s the thing if I understood you right then shame on you! Respectively, of course. But look the cat didn’t ask for this new arrival to come & stir up things(changes in everyday living) I’m sure your cat was quite comfortable prior to the dog coming into the family. Your cat is independent though you are kinda being disrespectful to him & his needs & on top of it you are treating or seeing a cat in a negative aspect. It was your decision to bring a dog home though you are blaming the cat for protecting itself. It’s your responsibility as a pet owner to make the transition as easy as possible for each pet to feel safe and not threatened while getting used to one another in the home. Your cat was there first & you should have been thinking of how to make it easy for him to accept a dog in the home without feeling threatened. And a good way to help a cat adjust to other animals in the home is to give them a quick escape to areas up high off the floor where they can get to for safety.

Moana and Pocahontas aren’t literal princesses (granted they effectively are) and Mulan isn’t anything to do with royalty. So you certainly don’t need to be a literal princess. Thanks to looking for a picture to represent Jane and Meg, I discovered there is a surprisingly large amount of “Jane X Meg” content out there, another wack to my Pinterest algorithm (And I’ve only just purged it of the “Goblin Gals” from it). I do wonder if the folks behind the Princess line are intentionally screwing with people or just unaware. Merida’s entire film can be described as not wanting to be a “princess”, Mulan is in yellow which (reportedly) at that time was the sole property of the emperor combine that with her being included with Princesses, and some of the ways the Mulan story ends implies she is a concubine.


A benign, but often messy, lump on your pet, a sebaceous cyst involves a clogged oil gland in the skin and is essentially a large pimple on your pet’s skin that may rupture and emit a white, cottage cheese-like discharge. Uses you as a bridge and trampoline, eh? In bed, I presume?! Sounds like your cat is trying to get your! ATTENTION! Yes, I once had a cat of that kind of “used me” for these purposes .. in the MORNING, should I have been OVERSLEEPING past her BREAKFAST TIME Were I you, I’d try to re-introduce them. It seems to me as though they’re contentious with one another from the jump. Siamese cats are very loving and affectionate, since I don’t know the others’ breed, I’m hesitant to comment. How do you know the one cat dislikes the Siamese?