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I support abortion rights. However my body my choice is an argument I don’t support. The govetnmdnt has green regulating our body for years. It’s not gender repression. If it’s my body my choice, if that were a real thing I would he allowed to do heroin and smokeCrack. I don’t cry my body my choice It is illegal to conmitt suicide. So there goes my body my choice. There are regulations about drinking age and smoking age. People say my body my choice because they feel like they need a cute catchphrase to justify a pro choice stance. I support pro choice. Sometimes you’re pregnant and you don’t want to fucking deal with it.

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It’s a major inconvenience and we value the pregnant woman’s life more than that unborn child. For the first few months that child has little value in comparison to the girl carrying the child. It’s a shirt reality and it’s hard for people to admit this. So we think of easier to swallow excuses for being prochoice. Having an abortion is a serious thing and I don’t think it should be minimized and it should never be sugar-coated. I support a woman’s right to have one but it’s a shitty thing to do and we allowed that choice because the woman is in a messed up situation and sometimes we have two choices and both are shitty. Abortion is one of those instances.

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Why do liberals still scream “ My body my choice” Still scream….Hmmm, force everyone to get the COVID vaccine. Let’s break this down. It was perfectly OK for anti vaxx pushers ( trump supporters) to jump up and down screaming “ My body, My Rights!!!” during a pandemic which invalidated the rights of others to not die from COVID especially since the Delta variant was even deadlier.

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So you are saying that we liberals screaming “My Body, My rights” and the right to choose taken away to appease the conservatives and their beliefs and morals ( morals , that’s a joke right there. If you think it’s perfectly fine that trump used money from his charity organization meant for veterans to help fund his campaign or that none of the 230 million dollars donated after he called on his supporters for his official legal defense fund was spent on legal fees but actually went to a PAC fund, and that 9 republicans up for election/ re election have accusations of sexual misconduct and physical abuse, the worst being Gaetz, YOU HAVE NO MORALS) on what a women should do or not do even in a life threatening situation and rape ( in some states but more than likely all the states will enforce that as well)